Riverwalk tour at Ausable Chasm


(Available daily until Columbus Day, and on a limited basis after October 12th)


Get up close and personal with the river on our Riverwalk tour at Ausable Chasm. Start by descending all the way down inside of the chasm where you can admire the best view of rainbow falls!  Following that, your guide will walk you along at river level with the chasm walls towering 150 feet above you, while telling stories about the chasm and explaining the unique geological formations that were carved out from the melting glaciers following the last ice age.  Your guide will then take you up a flight of stairs where you will be 50 feet above the river on a wide cliff.  The tour ends with 2 cable bridges from the adventure trail that are over 100 feet long and 50 feet above class 3 and 4 rapids!  The cable bridge has a wide wooden plank down the middle and cargo netting on the side, so it does not require a harness or helmet. The Riverwalk is available for everyone ages 5 and up, and takes about 30-45 minutes.

COVID-19 safeguards on the Riverwalk:

Your guide will remain at least 6 feet from your group and will be wearing a mask.  If you arrive early, tours may be private and you will not have any other guests with your group.  This may change during peak hours, in which case groups may be combined. If time allows, we may be able to provide a private tour.  If groups are combined, we will ask groups to remain socially distant from each other.

Following the Riverwalk guests have several options:

  • Start off by going through the inner sanctum trail inside the chasm, then:
  • Explore the winding Rim Trail for birds-eye views of the chasm.
  • Meander through two smaller "dry" chasms on the Dry Chasm Trails.

Avoid the Crowds...COME EARLY!

The Riverwalk tours are very popular during the summer. We advise you to come early to avoid a possible wait for the Riverwalk portion of your visit. Reservations are not possible for the Riverwalk, but are required for admissions, so you might wait 30 minutes or more between 12pm and 2pm. We think the experience is worth the wait, but if you don't have ample time, please arrive early.  We open at 9am, daily.

Riverwalk photo gallery