From the Post Office

From the Post Office

A long-time tradition at Ausable Chasm has been the posting of messages down inside the Chasm at a location called the “Post Office.”  Here, the rock walls are porous enough to allow tacks and other similar items to penetrate the rock like a bulletin board for the purpose of posting a note for other visitors that may pass by....or to other members of their family and loved ones that may not have accompanied them on their visit.  In an effort to prevent erosion, and to keep litter under control, Ausable Chasm erected a box in 2004 at this location with a log book inside for guests to sign and leave their messages.

Here are a few samples of the messages found within:

“Our second trip here.  The first was 35 years ago.  Still great!”

     -John & Carol

“We had a great time...nice views...enjoyed our day, now we are off to do some rafting.”

    -Francine & Frank (Ontario)

“I’m from Montreal!  I love it here!”


“I grade 3.  I like this thing that you made. It’s hard work.  I like this Big rock - It’s BIG!.  This is really cool :)  This place is very old.”

    -Anna (3rd grader)

“This place is really great! Rocks are really beautiful.  I am glad I came here with my family”

    -Victoria (Westfield, MA)

“This place captured us.  The sun was shinning and the views were breathtaking.  What a wonderful way to spend one of our last honeymoon days at”

    -Dana & Chris

“Pauline from France...Jane from Montpelier, VT...Danielle from Spain...Carol from Spain”

“Lived here my growing up years and I’m now 59.  Live in San Antonio, Texas.  Visiting for the first time through the Chasm.  Awesome!!” 

    -Fred & Jane

“Ausable Chasm ROCKS!!”


“This is amazing...hope we come back soon”

    -Nadim (age 9)

“Regards from Israel.  Overwhelming landscape”

    -Dafna & Mottie

“Truly amazing.  Something everyone should see”

    -The Milton’s (Chambly, QC)

 “Great view - Chasm is like mini Grand Canyon”

    -Kethasi Fanily

“We enjoyed the views and the tour.  We had a lot of fun.  This is our first time here and we can’t wait to come back!”

    -Cecchetelli Family & Van Galen Family

“Beautiful!  Gorgeous!  Definitely a family trip”

    -Alann (CT)

“I’m taking sooo many pictures!”


“Beautiful!!!  Even in the rain.”

    -The Matsens (Leonardo, NJ)

“Our first trip here since we were kids ~ better than ever!  We loved our walk and will be back next year!”

    -Dan, Sharon, Carter & Casey (Princeton, NJ)

“We are and will remain in absolute awe of its beauty”

    -Kevin & Jennifer (Liverpool, NY)

“This is our last day in the USA, and what a way to finish.  Beautiful and tranquil”

    -Peter & Christine (Dorset, England)

“This is the Best 50th Birthday ever!!”

    -Moe and Penny

“Well worth our trip here.  Fantastic.”

    -Dorothy & Aldo (Austrailia)

“On advice of Atty John McDonald to Judge Dolbeck in last court date”

    -Keith & Mary (Ticonderoga, NY)

“Just married!  And enjoying the view here at Ausable Chasm”

    -The Fosters

“Six old farts from Northville, NY.  One couple celebrating their 28th anniversary”

“What a beautiful walkway you have made for us to enjoy this great site, Thank You, it has been a highlight of our trip through NY!”

    -Leila & Chris (Jacksonville, FL)

“It’s beyond an amazing view along the walk.  Almost as if your in another world”

    -Elizabeth (Long Island, NY)

“Very nice view.  We’ll see ya again”

    -The Pataki’s

 Don’t forget to leave your message at the “Post Office” during your next visit!