Wildlife Wednesdays - Featuring Adirondack Raptors

Every Wednesday from June 26th to August 28th Mark Manske will be conducting an educational presentation featuring Owls and Hawks. Presentation will be at 11 am and 1pm located on the deck alongside the Welcome Center

Adirondack Raptors actively teaches people about the significance of birds of prey in our world, by bringing birds to people and bringing people to the birds Adirondack Raptors also strive to learn more about the raptors in our area by conducted research that helps us protect these amazing birds. Currently Adirondack Raptors is conducting projects on the American Kestrel, Northern Goshawk, Northern Saw Whet Owl, and the buteos. Come and spend a day with these magnificent creatures and help protect them. 

About Mark:

Mark Manske established Adirondack Raptor Inc. in 2008 and is the sole owner of the company.  He was a public school educator for 27 years, an Adjunct Professor at Paul Smiths College from 2007 to 2012 and from 2015 to the present, a wildlife rehabilitator from 1994 through 2002, a master falconer since 2003, a master raptor bander since 1988, and a licensed nuisance wildlife control agent from 2008 through 2012.  Mark has also published stories in his column in the EMBARK, a periodical that is published every other month by the Adirondack Daily Enterprise in Saranac Lake.   He has published several articles on birds of prey in scientific journals through the years. Mark trained under the tutelage of Drs. Frederick and Frances Hamerstrom (graduate students of Aldo Leopold and world renowned biologists) in the early 1980s at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point.

Adirondack Raptors Photo Gallery

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